Andromeda, The Chained Princess

Andromeda, The Chained Princess

So I looked up what that constellation at the beginning of the game is – it’s Andromeda, the Chained Princess. If you’ve ever read the story of Perseus in Greek mythology, she’s the maiden chained to a rock by her father as s sacrifice to some heinous sea monster and Perseus ends up saving her by turning the monster to stone with the Gorgon’s head.

So I’m only on level 4 (bear with me, guys), but the constellation fits nicely into the whole protagonist saving the princess deal. It’s peculiar that the first scene of this game is the protagonist Tim standing completely in the dark as a city burns around him, and then we see this constellation floating overhead as he changes from dark to light. I think it’s important that before we even get into the worlds of this game, Jonathan Blow wanted us to see those stars, and since it’s an actual constellation there’s some significant meaning to that. Anyone care to comment as to what this means about the plot / our protagonist, Tim? I mean, it’s The Chained Princess, so that’s pretty spot-on if a video game were to have a constellation. Tim started off in darkness – is he the one who chained her up, the one who’s going to save her, or both?

– Gabe Kowalczyk

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5 Responses to Andromeda, The Chained Princess

  1. kng16 says:

    The stars forming Andromeda within the body of Princess may serve to the Princess as something unattainable or out of Tim’s control. Braid, from the beginning, defies the norm for ‘save the princess’ types of games. It’s possibly that princess serves a deeper meaning within Tim’s life.

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